Enguia is the most complete city guide available for São José do Rio Preto, a city inside São Paulo State/Brazil.

The solution is composed by a mobile app available at Brazilian Google Play and Apple Store and a backend/Portal using Microsoft .Net Core.  All running inside Docker containers on a CentOS Atomic Server.

It includes:

  • Thousands of commercial places (drugstores, restaurants, supermarkets, mechanics…).
  • All tourist attractions.
  • Movie theaters showtimes.
  • Bus lines routes and timetable.
  • Messages.
  • History.
  • Qualifications.
  • News.
  • Promotions.

It also provides some automation. For instance, anyone can schedule an appointment or place an order through the app while places control their agenda and orders through a Web Portal.

Even the order payment can be done through PayPal inside the app.

If case you are in Brazil, download it for free at Google Play or Apple Store