Alodb was developed a decade ago, around 2005. At that time, it’s main purpose was to allow Companies to receive orders from an automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System.

Basically, the solution was composed by hardware (3rd party) and my software. Clients could dial to landline number (server), and select the desired product(s) after some customized voice menus. Than, Alodb informs the Client about the total price using Text to Speech, the estimated delivery time, and displays the order to the Company through a Web Portal.

It was a mission critical solution, running 24×7 with redundancy, online monitoring, remote management, excel and pdf reports and email delivery. It was capable of loading specific IVR flows according to the Caller or Called number.

Since Companies could create several IVR flows using drag-and-drop of specialized blocks, it was also used by companies like Hewlett Packard and Itaú bank for distinct purposes other than orders.

Among these specialized blocks, we had:

  • MP3 voice call recording.
  • Audio-conferencing.
  • Play Audio.
  • Play Text.
  • Play Number.
  • Dialer.