Hi there, welcome.

My name is Bruno Tezine, I’m a 38 years old Electrical Engineer with emphases in computer electronics.

My passion for software development started as a hobby studying C++ language, specially Qt, around 1998. After working in several companies, I had the opportunity to learn C++, C#, Asp.Net and Python among others, but my preference still remains on the power of C++/QML provided by the Qt framework.
Since I aways wanted to create something by my own, and being frustrated by the lack of support of Qt on mobile platforms and the undesired complexity of C++ to create cross platforms applications, I started to imagine how I could create something with all the good aspects of Qt, C++, C# and web without the problems they face and with the limited knowledge, and time I have to create such a thing.

I wanted to create not only a compiled language, but also its runtime and the IDE to create projects with it. Something that would not require to recompile to run over different platforms, without the worry of C++ pointers, header files and something that could run on any platform/device that is not Microsoft’s. Also, I wanted something that could run without an installer, just downloaded and automatically executed in a single file with all the permissions that the user allows it to have, with animations and everything else.

As you can see, I’m looking for the perfect wave and it’s not an easy task specially when you don’t have enough money to keep up the development, but the challenge was exciting me and I started to grab only punctual projects only to gain money/time to work with this. At the moment, Wikios is available for Android as target and can be subscribed by anyone to get access to some extra features, but other platforms like iOS and Windows Phone are also planned for future releases.

Many thanks for your time and I hope you have the same fun I have with it,