Copagaz, a leading gas distributor in Brazil, uses a complete logistic/e-commerce solution developed by me.

It’s composed by:

  • 2 mobile apps available for clients to request new gas cylinders from their smartphones. They are fast and visual appealing apps, developed using Qt/QML and target iOS and Android.
  • 1 mobile app for retailer truck drivers: Android only app and developed using Microsoft Xamarin, it presents in real time all orders received from clients, displays the orders in a map, sends every gps coordinate to server, displays routes and estimated travel time to the client’s address. It notifies the driver using push notification whenever a new order is received and sends a push notification to the client with estimated arrival time. It also embeds a background service and, therefore, it uses several native APIs from Android stack.
  • 2 web portals/frontends:  These portals are developed using Angular 2 and used by Copagaz retailers to manage and route orders to the appropriate driver. It displays charts, the current position of all truck drivers in a map, the route traveled, and so on. It also allows the retailer to control the fuel consumption and the efficiency of every truck driver.
  • 1 webservice/backend: Developed using Microsoft .Net Core running on load balanced Docker containarized CentOS Atomic servers, it provides the interface between the MariaDB cluster and the frontend/apps.

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